Providing a full spectrum of financial and risk management solutions.

Tactical Wealth Advisors opened to the public in 2006 with the stated task of providing clients with superior capital gains using a macro and event based trading strategy.  Tactical combines a strategic risk management strategy and tax-advantaged derivative contracts to deliver outsized take-home returns to clients.

Going beyond diversification.

Tactical Wealth Advisors is a macro-view, discretionary trading firm. We are not systematic trend followers and we are not trend traders. We believe a focused, disciplined, and experienced discretionary trader gives investors the best opportunity to create and sustain wealth. Discretionary traders are able to quantify risk real time, react real time to major world policy changes and events, and use reason to determine if an adjustment is warranted. Our discretionary traders attempt to react to changing markets rather than predict them. Real people. Real decisions. Real risk management.

Truly unique investment offerings.

In our relatively short existence, Tactical Wealth Advisors has come a long way in demonstrating that quality, objective market research and focused, customized solutions derived from such research are the way to navigate today’s market environment.

Since the inception of the company, our central preoccupation has been to design and bring to market a range of advisory services employed for investment management, asset management, and risk management activities.  Our commitment to innovation for the benefit of our clients is reflected in our industry leading lending and reporting services; products designed and brought to market in hopes of exceeding client expectations.


We work directly with RIAs and Financial Planners to offer expanded Fixed Income Solutions to their clients through our Tactical Wealth Fixed Income Fund