Non-Profit Organizations

One of today’s most popular vehicles for Estate Planning just became a lot easier to implement.

The Charitable Remainder Trust is one of the most efficient estate planning tools available to anyone holding assets that have experienced significant appreciation like Stocks, Real Estate, a Business, etc.

We can answer the two biggest questions people have when it comes to a Charitable Remainder Trust:

  • What’s the maximum amount of income I can receive?
  • How much will my charitable deduction be?

A Private Foundation like Donor Advised Funds can be named to receive the remainder proceeds from a Charitable Remainder Trust. A Private Foundation is typically used for amounts over Two Million Dollars. This is mainly due to the increased management responsibilities, liability exposure, and expenses associated with Private Foundations.

A Private Foundation can also work well in a situation where a donor of a Charitable Remainder Trust has established their own nonprofit 501(c) charitable organization or has a desire to set one up in the future. In many cases the donor is or will be active on the board of that charity as well. In this situation the Private Foundation can provide a little more flexibility and options to accomplish more specific goals with the charity it is designed to support.

Please note that our charitable trust and private foundation services are and independent service that Tactical Wealth Advisors offers and does not fall under the jurisdiction of our CTA and CPO.


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